Tuesday, July 14


A few weeks ago, as I soaked in a warm bath thinking about what I need most of all right now, I just said out loud "Healing."  There have been a lot of revelations in my life over the past 6 months, one after another.  Everything from my emotions to relationships to career path to physical health to  spiritual health to self image and then some.  What is most needed in all areas of my life is healing.

One area of my life that needs healing is my body.  I am very overweight. actually, by medical definition I am obese.  In April 2015, I weighed 90 pounds more than I did in April 2007.  90 pounds in 8 years.  I also had a liver biopsy last week.  I have extremely high liver enzymes in my blood and don't really know what is causing it.  These 2 issues are mostly likely related.  The bottom line is that my body needs healing in so many ways.

I was watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead on Hulu, and I was reminded that our bodies typically are able to heal themselves when everything else is healthy.  For example, when I was little and would fall and scrape my knee, my skin would heal back on it's own.  However,  this only happens when the body is healthy.  If I am giving my body the good things that it needs and not giving it toxins that's just make me sick, my body can heal itself.

I believe this is true not just for the physical body.  I can feed my body good nutrients and exercise it in order to have a healthier body, but it's amazing that the same is true for my mind and my environment.  Remove the toxins, the things I know are unhealthy, those things I know are not good for me and even harmful. And put in more of what I know is good for me, what is going to make me stronger and healthier.  Not just for my diet, but for all areas of my life, body and mind.  And give myself a chance to rest and heal.

And this is just the beginning.

Sunday, January 4

New Year, New Use of an Old Blog

Basically, I have more stuff to say now in the realm of the worldwide web.  I started this blog in graduate school and was not sure what i would blog about that might be interesting to other people to read.  Now I actually have stuff to say!  And sometimes it is longer that what can fit in 140 characters.  So my new plan is to write those things here and if people want to read it, they can.  I will probably write about Salesforce.com Configuration and Administrator topics, Scrum principles and Agile Methodology in practice, raising a toddler, living in Marietta, GA and struggles with getting my hair to keep curls, etc.

Maybe that's too broad a spectrum of topics, but we'll see! But first and foremost, Welcome to B-Bop's World!